Web Designer, CSS Poet, Writer

Making the internet a more beautiful place since 1998.

How Can I Help?

Whether you need a small site designed, a monolith planned out, or have a design that needs coding into a working website, I can help. For most sites, I use Wordpress, and include instructions with every launch so you have a starting point to manage your site.

I also contract for your company when you need a coding / design girl! Email me, skype me, and we'll talk about an arrangement that'll work for everyone.

Site Changes

"Done is better than perfect". A very good friend of mine, Miss Cloe, told me that and it's gotten me over the need to get this site flawlessly perfect before launch.

Here you can keep up with what I've changed in the site's code, snippets of what I've changed and why, and see the evolution of a relatively static site thrown together, into a custom Wordpress responsive theme written exclusively for this site.